Trumble -v- Mills – Judgement will not be appealed

The Employment Tribunal’s Judgement, in the case brought against Heather Mills, by her former nanny, Sara Trumble, is not to be appealed.As we reported previously (see Inside Story 04/06/2010) Sara’s case, alleging unfair dismissal, sexual discrimination and harassment, was rejected by the Employment Tribunal within a reserved Judgement issued last month.

This followed an earlier three day hearing.

The Tribunal dismissed all Sara’s claims.

That decision will not now be the subject of an appeal.

Nick Fairweather, who represented Sara, commented as follows:-

“Tribunals have a wide discretion in considering cases and any appeal only lies to the Employment Appeal Tribunal on very limited grounds. One needs to establish that the lower Tribunal has erred in law. Although this can include reaching a ‘perverse decision’ this is very narrowly construed indeed. The upshot is that, however, strongly one feels about the case, there is a need to be realistic about appeal prospects.

In this case, I have taken the view that, although there are a couple of fairly limited potential points of appeal, their remit, value and prospects of success do not warrant appeal proceedings being brought. Thus, with regret, this case must conclude.

I pay tribute to Sara and everyone who has supported her for having the strength and courage to bring these proceedings in such difficult circumstances notwithstanding their ultimate outcome.”

This case has, of course, been variously reported in the local, national and international press and wider media.