Trumble -v- Mills – Judgement received for Respondent

The case brought by Sara Trumble, Heather Mills’ ex nanny, alleging unfair dismissal, sex discrimination and harassment has been unsuccessful.Within a unanimous reserved judgement from the Tribunal, received yesterday morning, each of the claims brought by Sara has been dismissed.

This followed the Tribunal hearing evidence over three days, from 29th March to 1st April, following which they met up in Chambers to consider their Judgement on 4th and 21st May.

In reaching their decision, the Tribunal placed great emphasis on the gifts given by the Respondent to the Claimant.

They also found the Respondent and her witnesses to be more persuasive than the Claimant on the main issues in the case.

In assessing the credibility and integrity of witnesses the Tribunal decided to ignore what they chose to describe as the hyperbole and personal attacks conducted by the parties and their representatives on their behalf and instead relied “upon the evidence placed before it”.

Nick Fairweather, who represents Sara Trumble, commented as follows:-

“Obviously this Judgement comes as a huge disappointment to us.  It is a lengthy document, running to 29 pages.  We will take our time to consider the Judgement in detail before deciding whether to lodge an appeal”.

Sara, for her part, commented:-

“Naturally I am very disappointed that the Tribunal has chosen to believe Ms Mills and find against me. I remain pleased and proud, nonetheless, that I brought these proceedings in order to stand up for myself.  I will be considering the Judgement with my legal team over the coming weeks.”

Sara has 42 days to appeal from 1st June.

Once a decision is made on whether to appeal details will be posted within a further press release on this website.