£167,500 for Substandard Orthopaedic Surgery to Remove Exostoses

8th Nov 2018 – Our Client, Ms S, from Ashford, Kent came to see us following surgery to remove exostoses (a protuberance of bone) in her right leg in September 2013. She suffered severe right leg pain in the weeks that followed the operation which interfered with her daily living and looking after her young family. She experienced dull cramps and a burning sensation in her right leg and did not make the expected recovery.

Ms S instructed this firm because she felt that her surgeon Mr Housden had made errors whilst she was under his care.

After examining the medical records and obtaining expert reports it was established that errors had been made both during and after surgery which caused vascular injury, namely damage to the popliteal artery. These errors had caused long term damage to artery function, the right lower limb was compromised which in turn lead to the development of claudication and significant ongoing symptoms.

A Letter of Claim was sent to East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust which alleged both negligent surgery and a failure to investigate the injury properly when Ms S was found to have no pulses following the surgery.

By Letter of Response the defendant Trust sensibly admitted breach of duty and invited the parties to concentrate on settlement negotiations.

After obtaining the necessary condition and prognosis medical evidence the parties engaged in settlement negotiations earlier this year which resulted in our client receiving a settlement worth £167,500.

Steve Evans, the Solicitor with conduct of this matter, commented:

“Ms S is a young woman who quite rightly pursued her legal remedies after suffering life changing injuries which significantly impacted on her family life and future career.

It is pleasing that East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust accepted that mistakes had been made and engaged in early sensible negotiations resulting in a settlement which will make a significant difference to Ms S’s quality of life and that of her young family”.

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