Nick Contributes to Radio Kent Discussion on Health Services Commissioning (Equality and Accountability) Bill

Nick Fairweather took part in a Radio Kent discussion this morning concerning a Private Members Bill which local Gillingham and Rainham MP, Rehman Chisti is trying to introduce, with support from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and others.

If made law, the bill would require Health Commissioners to specifically consider and take account of any mental health needs when commissioning physical health care services. They would be required to confirm that they have done so.

Whilst welcoming the principles underlying the Bill, as being well intentioned, and helpful in highlighting mental health issues, Nick, at the same time, voiced concern that the Bill might prove a distraction and divert precious resources away from front line mental health services where there are serious problems with the level and quality of service provision which Nick sees so often in the cases he has to deal with in Kent and beyond.

To hear Mr Chisti discussing the bill and responding to the points raised by Nick, please click below:-