NHS compensation concern – putting the patients’ side of the story

The firm has featured heavily recently in BBC news coverage surrounding NHS damages payouts in medical negligence cases.

The context to this is a rise in payments by local Trusts to £38 million a year.

Alongside this, there are fundamental changes proposed to Legal Aid (to be withdrawn from all medical cases) and Condition Fee (‘no win no fee’) funding.

We have been putting forward the case for properly funded litigation with the assistance of past and current clients.

Nick Fairweather and Darren Tamplin have appeared on BBC Radio Kent talking about this issue, alongside AvMA, Chief Executive, Peter Walsh.

Nick has also appeared tonight on the BBC Southeast teatime news bulletin where the coverage of the issue was the headline piece.

Clients contributing to the debate included Brett Mundey whose wife Seleana died tragically when she took her own life just three days after she was released from a mental health unit and another client, (who wished to remain anonymous), whose child suffered cerebral palsy due to errors during delivery.

The BBC South East piece can be viewed in the video attached, within which Nick Fairweather makes the point that money paid out to families where a child has been left with cerebal palsy, for life, following birth blunders would be better directed into frontline services so as to avoid such tragedy and cost to the tax payer in the future.