Mandy Park features on Meridian’s Mental Health Awareness Week coverage

Hannah Groves

The second week in May is National Mental Health Awareness Week, with Meridian Television broadcasting mental health focused features on its evening news bulletin each day this week.

Tonight the focus was on mental health problems affecting children and young people.

Mandy Park lost her daughter, Hannah, to suicide, in October 2012, following serious failings in the care provided by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. Mandy’s case against the Trust settled earlier this year and has featured widely in the national as well as the local press including the Sunday Times and the Sunday Mirror.

With the litigation finally behind her, Mandy is now campaigning for better mental health services, treatment and awareness.

It was in this capacity that she was featured in Meridian’s programme this evening which focused on mental health problems suffered by the young, awareness surrounding this and effective support for and communication with young people and their families.

To view the Meridian broadcast click below.

Reproduced with kind Permission from ITV