Made It!

After a lot of careful preparation, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully made the move to our new offices at Estuary View Business Park in Whitstable today.

The move has involved shutting both our offices in Canterbury and bringing all staff under the one roof in our new premises, a modern suite of offices on a single floor spread over 5000 square feet.

It has been something of a ‘logistical nightmare’ that has required a great deal of preparation, with a special thanks to Office Manager, Sue Fuller, and Deputy Office Manager, Rebecca Fairweather, as well as all of our staff who have ‘mucked in’ over the past three days, during which time it has been necessary to close the offices completely.

Thanks also to our suppliers, particularly ADM Computing of Canterbury, and to our clients for their patience over this period.

It is fantastic, however, to be in new modern offices, ‘all under one roof’ and we are very much looking forward to working from our new base in Whitstable with all the benefits that modern offices with integrated IT and telephone systems etc, can bring.

Oh and a great view!