Law Society’s President Praises Nick’s Legal Aid Campaigning

We are delighted to see that Nick Fairweather has been singled out for personal praise by the Law Society’s President, Linda Lee, within her weekly update column sent to all Solicitor members in England and Wales.

Nick has spoken to the local media, opposing the Government’s planned funding cuts, which are set to decimate Legal Aid, withdrawing it from all but a very limited area of practice.

Miss Lee wrote:-

“Many firms and individuals have played a huge role in helping to build support for our Sound Off for Justice campaign, which is continuing to hold the Government to account for the cuts that they want to make to Legal Aid. I would like to thank all those of you who keep me informed of your activities.

This week, I would particularly like to thank Nick Fairweather, Chief Executive of Canterbury based Fairweathers Solicitors LLP who gave a thoughtful and comprehensive interview to the local paper, ‘Your Canterbury’. He supported the campaign and highlighted the devastating impact the Government Legal Aid cuts would have in Kent by focusing on the danger to people who are victims of disreputable employers. I would like to thank Mr Fairweather for giving such an excellent interview and thank everyone else who is continuing to support our Sound Off for Justice campaign, particularly in the run up to our day of action last Friday. Over 19,000 people have ‘Sounded Off’, but we still want more.”

Nick commented:-

“I am surprised but delighted to have received this encouraging ‘mention in despatches’ from the Law Society President.

Alongside Legal Aid colleagues, the length and breadth of the country, we will do all we can to defend Legal Aid against the ill thought out and fundamentally unfair changes that are currently proposed.”