Paediatrics/children Medical Negligence

When your baby or child is ill it can be a worrying time and the care of your child is placed in the hands of medical professionals. Doctors and nurses are then trusted to diagnose your child’s symptoms and act upon them in a reasonable manner by way of treatment or a referral to a specialist. On occasion, this does not happen and you may consider bringing a claim against the relevant healthcare professional in those circumstances.

Typical cases that arise include:-

  • Failure to adequately treat a newborn in the neo-natal period, i.e. shortly after birth, who may be suffering from a genetic disorder or may have suffered injury post-delivery (eg may have needed resuscitation)
  • Failure to identify and quickly treat symptoms of life threatening illnesses such as meningitis.
  • Failing to properly examine and investigate a child in relation to fractures, including through radiology findings, commonly caused by  childhood accidents.
  • Mismanagement of children with a head injury.
  • Mismanagement of children with abdominal pain.

Our team has experience of dealing with all aspects of children’s medicine including cases involving failings that have caused severe brain injuries giving rise to claims of maximum severity.

If you or your family need the assistance of our experienced specialist team of Clinical Negligence Solicitors then please submit your case details for our consideration.

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