Mental health Medical Negligence

It is important that the highest levels of care, treatment and support are given to those suffering with mental health problems and their families.

The number of claims arising from failings in care both in the community and in the hospital setting is increasing.

Typical cases that arise include:-

  • Failure to suspect/recognise/investigate symptoms suggestive of mental illness.
  • Error/misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis of psychiatric illness.
  • Prolonged or over subscription of inappropriate medication such as benzodiazepines/antipsychotic drugs.
  • Inadequate monitoring in the community.
  • Failure to investigate properly or act on results of investigations.
  • Failing to properly assess diagnose and treat patients admitted to hospital, whether voluntarily or compulsorily under section.
  • Failing to consider physical causes for psychiatric symptoms.
  • Failing to section/discharging/otherwise failing to detain patients at risk of suicide.

This is an area that we have a particular interest and experience in. We are well known locally for representing families at Inquests and in civil claims arising from preventable suicides.

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