Care of the elderly Medical Negligence

Elderly people often have complicated medical histories and find it difficult to communicate their concerns, making their care demanding and complex. They will often require home visits by their GP, or may require care full-time in a residential / nursing home. However, their location / particular situation should not mean that they are provided with a lower standard of care than they could otherwise expect.

Typical cases that arise include:-

  • Failure by a GP to make a home visit, or to make an adequate diagnosis / referral.
  • Failure by staff at a residential / nursing home to adequately assess a person’s condition and to seek medical assistance from the GP / refer to hospital in a timely manner.
  • Failures arising from inadequate risk assessments, resulting in inadequate safety measures being put in place – such as call bells, the availability of a bed pan, low-profile beds, high cot sides, or increased monitoring – resulting in an increased risk of falls and subsequent injury.
  • Failing to diagnose / delay in diagnosing fractures following a fall.
  • Failing to undertake appropriate checks following the insertion of a nasogastric feeding tube, resulting in food entering the lungs and the development of aspiration pneumonia.
  • Prescribing incorrect medication / medication that interacts with other current medications and causes injury.

Our team has experience of dealing with all aspects of treatment arising from the care of the elderly, including cases which result in death. We also have particular experience in representing families at Inquests.

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