Cardiology/vascular Medical Negligence

Cardiology and vascular doctors treat conditions of the heart and the system of veins and arteries that supplies blood around the body. Cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons perform operations to the organs within the chest (the lungs as well as the heart) and the circulatory system respectively.

The need for medical treatment usually arises as a consequence of a developing condition (e.g. heart disease or lung cancer).  Surgery can be required following trauma such as a car accident or to supplement non-surgical treatments (e.g. cardiac bypass surgery or surgery to remove part of or an entire lung).

Medical negligence claims can be as a consequence of inadequate monitoring of a condition / medication, damage to adjacent structures or organs when operating or failing to recognise a haemorrhage or a pneumothorax (an abnormal collection of air in the chest that compromises normal breathing) occurring during surgery.

Other typical cases that arise include:

  • A failure or delay in reaching the correct diagnosis and providing timely treatment (medicines or surgery).
  • Insufficient or inadequate monitoring of a patient taking medication.
  • Failing to properly counsel and advise a patient on available treatment options (including the risks and benefits of medical treatment only and not having surgery, in that particular patient’s case).
  • Substandard surgical outcomes. These may result from varicose vein surgery (perhaps damage to nerves in the legs), heart surgery (which can result in brain damage or injury to the kidneys or liver), aortic artery surgery (causing damage to spinal cord and paraplegia) and lung (pulmonary) surgery (one consequence of which can be haemorrhaging).
  • Inadequate rehabilitation or follow up after either vascular or cardiothoracic surgery.

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