Hospital Pays Out for Using Wrong Hip Prosthesis

We today settled a case on behalf of our client, a lady from East Kent, who underwent a right total hip replacement over the Summer of 2011 at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

The operation seemed to have taken place satisfactorily, and our client was discharged homed, with crutches, within two days of having had the procedure performed.

The very next day, however, she was called by the hospital and told that the wrong implant had been used.

She had to be re-admitted to hospital for a revision procedure so as to replace the implant components.

Specifically, a 28 mm ceramic head was used in the initial procedure instead of a 32 mm head.

Our client suffered a prolonged convalescence but, thankfully, our experts were able to examine and monitor her and advise that she had not suffered adverse long-term consequences.

Her case was settled in the sum of £8,000.

Nick Fairweather, who has conduct of the matter, commented as follows:-

“It seems incredible that, with all the advances we see, in the use of prostheses, such a simple and fundamental error could have been made in this case. My client is, at least, grateful, that the mistake was picked up on and admitted to early on so that remedial surgery could take place before too much damage was done. She sincerely hopes that better practices and procedures are put in place to avoid such a silly mistake occurring again to another patient in the future”.