Hannah Groves – High Court enters judgement for wholesale failings by Southern Healthcare NHS Trust having caused Hannah’s death

Two years ago we reported on the case of Hannah Groves in two articles (see archive news):-

09/09/13 – Mental Health Service slammed after Hannah Groves took her own life.

15/09/13 – Sunday Times: Suicide girl branded ‘waste of space’ by MHS.

Proceedings arising out of Hannah’s death continue in the High Court with her mother, Mandy Park, claiming damages against Southern Healthcare NHS Trust as a secondary victim.

There has been a great deal of delay and prevarication on the part of the Trust within the proceedings.

After being granted repeated extensions of time for filing a full defence, the Trust filed and served a defence which we still viewed to be wholly inadequate.

Given this, we made an extensive request for Part 18 information.

Following this, the Trust has finally agreed that the care/lack of care that they afforded to Hannah was substandard in the many respects alleged by the family in the proceedings and that, but for this, Hannah would not have died.

Judgement has been entered today to that effect.

The proceedings continue in relation to Mandy proving her injury and losses.

Nick Fairweather, who has conduct of this matter, on behalf of Mandy, commented as follows:-

“The Trust’s failure to properly engage in these proceedings would be unfortunate and regrettable in any clinical negligence case, of any significance, proceeding in the High Court. Given that it comes on top of the circumstances of this case, however, it is, in my view, nothing short of disgraceful. Having already been through what she has, Mandy Park should not have to be fighting the Trust in this manner. I have not the slightest hesitation in believing that she has the strength and resolve necessary to take these ongoing proceedings through to a satisfactory conclusion.”