Gemma goes back to school to present African charity donation

We are pleased to have been able to support the KajoKeji Educational Trust charity for the second year running, with a £5,000 donation.

The Trust supports children in Africa in various ways, including daily feeding programs, building and expanding schools and through bore holes providing permanent clean water supplies to villages.

The Trust Board includes past and present senior teachers at Archbishop’s School in Canterbury who formed the Trust originally.

Gemma Purt, Family Solicitor with Fairweathers, and former pupil at Archbishops, returned to her own school to present the cheque to former Head Master and Trust Chairman, Mr Hogarth (centre), together with current Deputy Head Master and Trustee, Mr Kennett (left)

Gemma commented:-

“The firm are delighted to be able to support the Trust in this way for the second year running.

Not only does the money get spent wisely and effectively but also the children here and in Africa benefit from the links between the schools”.

Mr Hogarth commented:-

“This generous donation will be of great value to the work of the Trust and provide enormous benefit to the people we are helping in Kenya and South Sudan.”

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This news item appeared both in the Kent Messenger (Business Section) and the Canterbury Times