Why Fairweathers?

Those who have been the victim of medical negligence are in a vulnerable position.

You may feel that you have already placed your trust in one professional and been let down. This may make you wary of approaching another professional – this time a lawyer!

The most important, honest and objective thing we can say to you is that you must instruct a specialist firm of Solicitors to deal with your Medical Negligence case.

This type of work simply cannot be trusted to ‘any high street firm’.

You should go to a firm with a specialist Medical Negligence Department.

In particular, one that has a lawyer or lawyers within it whose expertise is recognised by their membership of a specialist Medical Negligence Panel, such as the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel.

The need for such specialism is recognised throughout the medical negligence field.

For example, the Legal Aid Agency will not allow any firm to work in this area unless they have such a panel member.

Throughout the whole of Kent we are one of only 3 firms with panel members.

We are the only firm in East Kent.

Nick Fairweather is a member of the Law Society’s Medical Negligence Panel and has been for 15 years.

He is supported by an experienced team of lawyers making up a department that is 6 persons strong all working full time on medical negligence cases.

Most of all, beyond all the accreditations, we stress to you our reputation in this area, not just from the high profile, high value cases that you may have read about, but the work we do on a daily basis in dealing with all manner of medical claims from the smaller value through to the most severe.

We have support from other departments including those who specialise in mental health work.

Above all you will find us friendly, approachable, caring, sensitive and sympathetic whilst professional and reliable in our dealings with you.

Before making a decision, however, take some time to look through our site and remember that we offer a free assessment of your case without any obligation at all in the first instance.

For a no obligation chat, please phone us FREE on 0800 999 5585.
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