Fairweathers Solicitors LLP in the community – substantial donation to African Trust

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to follow up last year’s donation to the Santasi School in Ghana with a donation this year to the Kajokeji Educational Trust.

The Trust is a charity that supports children in Africa.

Its Trustee Board includes past and present senior teachers at Archbishop’s School in Canterbury who formed the Trust originally.

It has been a huge success in funding raising and otherwise supporting various projects in Africa.

It provides a daily feeding programme for a thousand local children in Kenya, supports orphaned refugees returning to Southern Sudan and has just completed building Mwachema Primary School in Tiwi, Kenya.

They are also expanding Kaya Secondary School in Tiwi.

Amongst its other work the Trust provides bore holes which provide permanent supplies of clean water to villages.

We have been delighted to be able to make a donation of £5,000 to the Trust.

Nick Fairweather, Chief Executive Officer of Fairweathers Solicitors LLP, commented:-

“I am delighted that the partnership can support the Trust in this way.

This follows on from us supporting a Ghanaian school, linked to St Peter’s Primary School in Canterbury, last year, in a similar way.  The thinking is that the money can go a long way in Africa and also benefit local children through the links between Archbishop’s School here and the schools that the Trust supports in Africa which is mutually beneficial to all the children involved.  I have been massively impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Trust and what it has and continues to achieve is truly remarkable”.

Alasdair Hogarth, Honorary Treasurer of the Trust commented:-

“Thank you so much for your most generous donation of £5,000 … which is greatly appreciated.  We can only do what we can afford as we can afford it, and your generous gift will help us to do significantly more this year than we could otherwise achieve and to do it more quickly, which will  be of great benefit and life improvement to the children, people and community development of Tiwi, Kenya and Southern Sudan.”

Please see attached news letter from the Trust from April 2001.  To contact the Trust for details of its work or to make a donation please contact kket@btinternet.com