Fairweathers in the Community – substantial donation made to school in Ghana

Every year, as part of our Community and Social Responsibility Policy, we look to support worthwhile causes in our local community.We have been lucky enough this year to find ourselves in a position where we are able to make a substantial donation.

Having given some thought to how the donation could be put to best use we have decided to give £5,000 to the Santasi M/A Basic School in Kumasi, Ghana.

The school is linked with local St Peter’s Methodist Primary School in Canterbury and has been since September 2007.

This has facilitated mutual exchange visits and letters and work passing between the pupils of the two schools.

It is a really worthwhile initiative that allows children to learn about and understand the lives of their peers in primary school many miles away.

Nick Fairweather met with senior teachers from the school when they visited St Peter’s recently.

This donation will be put to good use, most likely to fund a fully functioning IT suite which will enhance the children’s studies and, as with the link with St Peter’s, ‘open up the world’ to the children in Africa.

Nick commented:-

“This was an unusual decision for us in that, strictly speaking, the money is not going directly to benefit the local community. It will benefit the children at St Peter’s indirectly, however, and our thinking was that the money would go further in supporting the school in Ghana as well delivering benefit locally by helping foster the relations between the two schools.  We wish all the children on both continents well in their studies”.

For further details of the partnership between the two schools please visit