Fairweathers ‘Bucks Trend’ on PII renewal again

With the Law Society Gazette headline article this week reading “HUNDREDS ON THE EDGE AS PII RENEWAL DATE LOOMS”, we are pleased to announce that we have secured a reduction in premium for the third year running (of 6.57%, this comparing with 4.9% last year and 2.12% the previous year).

We have also signed up to a 2 year deal through our brokers AON.

Fairweathers Solicitor LLP’s CEO, Nick Fairweather, commented:-

“I feel desperately sorry for colleagues in other firms who are having difficulties this year. Our success in this area, however, reflects the fact that we take all aspects of risk extremely seriously and this shows in our procedures and case management as well as in our 100% record in that the firm has never had a claim brought against it. I only hope that the PII industry, at large, will be willing and able, going forwards, to assess firms on their merits not purely on their size”.