Fairweathers bucks national trend in professional indemnity renewal

We are pleased to announce that, despite dire warnings in the legal press that professional indemnity insurance will either be unobtainable or is likely to involve huge increases in premium this year, we have managed to secure a significant reduction in our annual premium.

This is for cover on the same terms as last year.

Taking account of a sharp increase in projected income, our cover has reduced by just under 25% on a cost per income basis.

Our Office Manager, Sue Fuller, commented:-

“It is nice to see any area of our expenditure come in under budget but is particularly rewarding in the case of PII especially in the current climate. One has to carefully audit the viability of insurers these days which we have done with our experienced brokers. Our premium reflects the fact that we are, I believe, a well run specialist accredited firm. Our claims record also helps of course (we have never had a claim made against us!)”