East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust may have failed to report thousands of X-rays

Canterbury MP, Rosie Duffield, is calling for an independent investigation by a Consultant Radiologist to be nominated by the Royal College of Radiologists and for the Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) to inspect patient safety at the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (‘the Trust’).

This is after it emerged that some 5,000 radiological images taken over the last 11 years, were not checked.

Ms Duffield has also called on the Trust to publish all information about this issue and about how many patients have been affected.

The Trust is made up of:

  • The Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury;
  • The Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital, Margate;
  • The William Harvey Hospital, Ashford;
  • The Buckland Hospital, Dover; and
  • The Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone.

Combined, these Hospitals process more than 700,000 radiological examinations per year.

The information from these examinations is then stored on two separate systems; one that stores the image and one that holds the patient’s information.

What is unclear from current reports is whether these radiological examinations refer solely to X-rays or to other types of imaging such as CT scans, MRI scans, Ultrasound scans etc.

It seems that the information on these two systems does not match up in approximately 5,000 cases.

Julie Barton, the interim divisional director for clinical services support at the Trust, has been quoted as saying: “When routinely monitoring our systems, 5,000 records show that patient information is included with the image, rather than being recorded on two separate systems. We are now checking and updating these records to make sure information is recorded consistently across our systems.”

Steevi Henderson, Solicitor for Fairweathers Solicitors LLP, comments:-

“We, at Fairweathers, have dealt with numerous cases where radiology has been misreported or indeed not reported at all. It is so easy for errors to be made when information is not stored as it should be, particularly now that we are so reliant upon computer systems. We can only hope that an independent investigation is carried out so that any missed diagnoses / misdiagnoses are identified at the earliest opportunity and dealt with.”

If you or a member of your family is concerned that your imaging may have been misreported or may have gone unchecked then please do not hesitate to phone us free on 0800 999 5585, request a call back or submit your case details.