Nick contributes to BBC Radio Kent’s discussion on ongoing Children And Adolescent Mental Health referral delays

BBC Radio Kent dedicated a good deal of its programming this morning to the ongoing delays in children and young people in Kent being able to access mental health services.

Latest figures reveal that the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (“CAMHS”) in Kent, now operated by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, due to historic shortcomings, is still failing to secure an appointment, upon referral, within 6 weeks, in the majority of cases. The government target is for 90% of referrals to be secured within this timescale.

Describing the government target as “modest” in any event, Nick expressed his deep concern and dismay at the situation. He stressed how vulnerable families with a child with mental health difficulties are. Beyond experiencing the anguish and bewilderment of such a situation, they should not be blocked from accessing the professional support that they so desperately need.

To hear Nick’s full contribution please listen to the below: