£14,000,000 Cerebral Palsy claim settlement approved by High Court

10th December 2021 – Our client suffered cerebral palsy due to a hospital in Kent mismanaging his mother’s labour and his delivery.After a long legal battle settlement of his case has now been reached on terms whereby he will receive a lump sum of £5,850,000 plus variable annual periodical payments covering the care and case management he will need for the rest of his life. The overall capitalised value of the settlement is approximately £14,000,000.

The specific diagnosis of our client’s condition is quadriplegic dyskinetic cerebral palsy. The impact upon him is entirely physical and brings significant limitations in his functional ability to undertake even the most basic tasks of daily living. Cognitively, however, he is uninjured, so that he is not only doing very well at school but is also considered likely to go to University.

Following a detailed investigation into the treatment that our client’s mum received during her labour / delivery, including full consultation with leading medical experts and counsel, a comprehensive Letter of Claim was submitted to the Defendant Trust which ultimately resulted in the case being admitting in full in respect of both liability and causation.

Subsequently, detailed investigations were needed to establish the full impact of our client’s injuries upon his life now and into the future, including the accommodation, equipment, treatment and assistance he will require throughout his life.

In order to establish that, expert evidence was obtained from 10 separate disciplines (Paediatric Neurology, Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology, Care, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Accommodation, Assistive Technology, Speech and Language Therapy, and Orthotics).

A joint settlement meeting took place in London in October this year, where following lengthy negotiations a settlement was agreed between the parties. That settlement has just been approved by the High Court in November last month.

The settlement was conducted by Fairweathers’ Senior Solicitor Alex Tengroth who specialises in high value clinical negligence matters and had conduct of this claim.

Commenting following the settlement, our client’s mother said “I have been so happy with how this case has been handled by both you and Counsel. I have had everything explained to me at each step and I’ve always been supported through the case by you all. We as a family are so happy with the result. It was more than we could have hoped for and will change our lives so much for the better, as my son will be able to get all the care, equipment and support he needs for the rest of his life. I feel better knowing he will always be taken care of now and in the future. Thank you for looking after us and making sure we had the best possible outcome.”

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