£750,000 Settlement for Failed Kidney Transplant

1st July 2019 – Our Client Mrs T from East Kent had a kidney transplantation from her sister at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in May 2014. Unfortunately the transplantation failed due to errors made by a locum anesthetist both in the anesthetic room and during surgery. The donor kidney was removed and re-implanted during the operation because it was not well perfused and by the end Mrs T had been overloaded with fluid. Indeed her pupils were noted to have been fixed and dilated indicating brain injury.

Mrs T required drugs to maintain her blood pressure and this caused a reduction in the blood supply to her legs causing compartment syndrome and bilateral foot drop. The foot drop on the left side did not recover. After a few days Mrs T was taken back to theatre for exploration of the donor kidney which was found to be infarcted and so it was removed.

Mrs T started hemodialysis and was transferred back from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital to Kent and Canterbury Hospital for further rehabilitation.

In November 2015 she developed symptoms of left sided parietal lobe stroke with slurred speech and headache.

When Mrs T came to see us in January 2016 she was having dialysis 3 times a week and was very tired all the time.

The hospital errors were inexcusable and in fairness as soon as the medical records were requested from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, significant admissions were made enabling the focus to move away from breach of duty to causation, condition and prognosis.

This was an extremely complex case and in the end 7 different experts were instructed to report on a range of issues to make out the case and prepare a Schedule of Losses.

The Defendant obtained their own expert reports and made a series of early settlement offers in the spirit of a principled negotiation. Both parties worked hard at achieving settlement. Mediation was in the pipeline but in the end it was unnecessary because Mrs T was offered and accepted a suitable sum of £750,000.

Steve Evans the Solicitor with conduct of this case throughout commented:
“Both sides worked very hard to achieve an early settlement and this was delivered so the client is now able to get on with her life without the added stress of litigation.

These were life changing injuries and I am very pleased that Mrs T now has very substantial funds to give her and her family a far better quality of life after what happened and for which the Defendant trust has rightly apologized. We can only hope that lasting lessons are learned”.

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