£7,500 for Negligent Retention of Operation Drain

30th July 209 – Our client, Ms O, a 30 year old woman from Herne Bay, Kent underwent a preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction at St Thomas’ Hospital in July 2014 when it was determined that she was BACCA gene carrier. As a result of this surgery she required the insertion of two drains in her stomach and two in her breasts.

Although a consultant instructed the nurses to remove the drains there was no clear record that both drains were removed from her abdomen.

Over the next 3 years our client suffered intermittent abdominal pain
punctuated with episodes of severe, debilitating pain. She also found a lump to the left of her bellybutton about the size of a 50p piece, which she originally put down to scar tissue or a hernia. However by the summer of 2017, the lump had become more pronounced.

She re-attended A&E on several occasions as a result of stomach pain but nothing conclusive was found. Our client even underwent a draining
procedure where red fluid was drained from the area as doctors were under the false impression it was a haematoma.

Our client’s abdominal pain did not resolve and so she underwent exploratory abdominal surgery to determine the source of the pain. During the surgery a piece of plastic was removed from her abdomen and identified to be the end of a drain that was inserted in July 2014.

Despite there being a clear-cut case against the Defendant Trust they initially denied our client’s allegations and refused to admit any negligence. Only after further reiterations of our client’s argument was a settlement agreed in the sum of £7,500.

Solicitor Francesca Beach, who had conduct of the claim, commented “I am
glad the Defendant Trust eventually realised the strength of the argument in this case. A patient who has undergone surgery should not expect to find out three years later that a piece of equipment was negligently left in place. Our client suffered abdominal pain for 3 years, affecting both her and her family’s lives, which could have so easily been avoided had the Hospital been more thorough in the care that they provided.”

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