£60,000 for delayed diagnosis of adeno-carcinoma of the colon.

Our client Mr H, who lives in Norwich, lost his wife in April 2013 after she was diagnosed with a primary adeno-carcinoma of the colon. She left behind two very young children.

Both our client and the deceased felt that she had been provided with substandard care by Medway NHS Foundation Trust prior to her diagnosis.

Upon receiving instructions thorough investigations were put in place as a result of which our medical experts reported that our client’s late wife received negligent care during the period May – August 2011. The Hospital Trust initially failed to investigate the findings of a CT scan which caused unnecessary delay.  Subsequently when the CT scan was eventually followed up the Trust failed to recognise that the flexible sigmoidoscopy had not in fact reached the abnormality revealed by the original CT scan which caused more delay. There were other examples of substandard care found during the investigation.

A claim was brought against Medway NHS Foundation Trust on the grounds that it failed to diagnose the deceased’s cancer with reasonable expedition which in turn delayed her treatment. As a result she died prematurely and but for the negligence her life would have been prolonged by at least twelve months.

The Hospital Trust admitted the allegations and apologised for what happened.  Following settlement negotiations the Defendant agreed to pay our client £60,000 in compensation.

Steve Evans, who had conduct of the claim, commented:-

It is pleasing that on this occasion errors were recognised by the Defendant and an early settlement was achieved for our client. Our client’s actions were entirely vindicated and it is hoped the compensation will provide greater financial security to help raise his young family.”