£56,200 recovered for foot drop

Our client, a 69 year old man, from Hythe in Kent, underwent a left total hip replacement (THR) at the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.

Unfortunately, during that surgery, an injury was caused to his sciatic nerve which resulted in a foot drop and which had a significant impact on his day to day activities and his hobbies of cycling and ballroom dancing.

The foot drop did not resolve but, through detailed investigation of the claim it was possible to obtain various orthotics equipment which significantly improved his quality of life.

The Defendant, the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust,  admitted liability early on and, following full investigation, a swift resolution was achieved in the sum of £56,200.

Alex Tengroth, who has conduct of the claim, commented:

I am extremely pleased that we not only obtained a very good settlement, which our client was delighted with, we also managed to get proper orthotics treatment and equipment which has improved his condition, and his outlook on life, immeasurably.”