£50,000 recovered for incorrectly performed bowel cancer surgery

We have recently settled a case on behalf of a man from Canterbury who underwent surgery to remove bowel cancer in May 2006.

The surgeon performing the operation was not a colorectal / cancer specialist and failed to perform the surgery correctly. He caused the wall of the rectum to be torn, which very slightly increased the risk of recurrence of the cancer.

He also failed to perform a temporary ileostomy (which could have been reversed 3 months later) and instead performed a temporary colostomy.

When our client came to have the colostomy reversed in December 2007, there was a further failure to perform that surgery correctly

The colostomy was eventually reversed in November 2008, a full 30 months following the original operation.

Due to the loss of a significant amount of small bowel, some of which would have been lost regardless of the negligent surgery, our client developed a problem with loose and frequent bowel motions. 

The East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust denied any negligence throughout the case, but agreed to settle for £50,000.

Alex Tengroth, who had conduct of the mater, commented:-

“This case really highlights the importance of having properly trained and experienced surgeons performing difficult operations so as to minimise the risk of post-operative complications for patients, particularly where they are already battling against a potentially life threatening condition.”