I met Nicholas Fairweather back in 2008, following a tremendous surgical error. I was actually referred by a well known local GP, who suggested Nick Fairweather as being the finest medical negligence solicitors in the region. Nick immediately began looking through my entire case history, given that I was being treated for breast cancer and in his meticulous analysis and scrutiny of my past medical notes, he uncovered gross negligence of a local consultant oncologist and an ailing Kent cancer services. His accurate understanding of medical parlance demonstrated major disparities between clinical notes and exposed a dangerous consultant oncologist completely ignoring local and national good practice guidelines. His combination of professionalism and analytical prowess is tempered by both his warmth and humanity and he lead the charge in the proceedings. His actions lead to the oncologist in question being struck off by the GMC and he is no unable to practice medicine in the UK. Sadly I wasn’t aware that I had been mismanaged during the treatment, it was all a bit too late for me and now I am terminal, but the accomplishments of Nick had to the major reconstructing of oncology services in Canterbury and a total revision of local guidelines. I couldn’t recommend Nicholas Fairweather any more highly and his role in the trial has undoubtedly allowed many more women to live, where they would have died under the “care” of this renegade doctor. (Mrs W, Kent)