£35,000 recovered for unnecessary termination of pregnancy

Our client, who was at the time a 27 year old mother of 2 from Ashford, Kent, came under the care of the University College Hospital in London for investigation of right arm pain.Her consultant, Miss Carsi, organised various biopsies and scans. These were considered inconclusive within a multidisciplinary team meeting, although a suspicion of cancer was raised. Despite the uncertainty, Miss Carsi telephoned our client on a Friday evening to notify her that she had cancer, that she may require chemotherapy, and that she should consider having a termination of pregnancy.

Having agonised about the options all weekend, she decided to proceed with a termination. She was referred to the Marie Stopes clinic in Maidstone, and had a termination a week later.

At our client’s next hospital appointment, she was told that Miss Carsi was now on sick leave, and saw a different consultant who organised further investigations. These showed that she did not in fact have cancer.

Thus, tragically, she had undergone an unnecessary termination of pregnancy.

She suffered a psychological injury as a result.

The Defendant Trust admitted breaching their duty of care to our client and settlement was achieved in the sum of £35,000.

Alex Tengroth, specialist medical negligence solicitor at Fairweathers Solicitors LLP in Canterbury, Kent, who had conduct of the claim commented:

“This was a tragic case, which was the result of the consultant acting too quickly and without the full facts or a confirmed diagnosis.

I am pleased that a significant settlement was achieved for my client, and that we were able to conclude matters swiftly for her.”