£35,000 recovered for lost spleen

Following our previous article relating to this claim, dated 27.03.13, in which we confirmed that liability had been admitted by the Medway NHS Foundation Trust, we are now pleased to report that a good settlement has been achieved for our client who lives in Gillingham, Kent.

Briefly, the facts of the claim were that, as a result of a failure to undertake the appropriate check scan (a CTPA) following the suspicion of a pulmonary embolism (PE) having been identified on a VQ scan of her lungs, our client was incorrectly diagnosed with a PE and received massive amounts of anticoagulation drugs resulting in the spontaneous rupture of her spleen a few days later.

The Defendant had admitted breach of duty but had not admitted causation.

After obtaining expert evidence as to the potential future risks to our client resulting from the absence of her spleen, which thankfully were reported to be very limited, the claim was settled at a good level on a full and final basis.

Alex Tengroth, who has conduct of the claim, commented:

I am extremely pleased that this matter could be resolved swiftly following the Defendant’s admission. There was very little fuss surrounding the settlement negotiations, which gave a very strong indication that the Defendant accepted our causation argument (despite not formally admitting it).