£345,000 recovered for substandard treatment of brain haemorrhage.

Mr F, a 53 year old man, from Ashford, Kent, collapsed at his home in March 2007. He found himself lying on the floor with an agonising pain at the back of his head and neck, radiating to his forehead. The cause was a rupture of an aneurysm (ACA) resulting in a small sub-arachnoid haemorrhage (SAH).  Mr F presented at Kent and Canterbury’s A&E where he underwent neurological examinations and X rays. He was admitted to a ward where further investigations were planned to exclude SAH as the cause of the symptoms. The results of these subsequent investigations were suggestive of SAH in the posterior sulci.

At this point a CT head scan should have been performed that would have led to a diagnosis of SAH and appropriate treatment.

However the CT head scan was never carried out and Mr F was discharged home.

Mr F collapsed for a second time in September 2008. The collapse and associated symptoms were caused by a re-bleed, resulting in a further small SAH. On 29th September he was admitted to William Harvey Hospital where a CT head scan demonstrated an extensive SAH with blood in all ventricles. He was transferred to the neurosurgical department at St Georges Hospital where a CT angiography confirmed a burst ACA aneurysm causing SAH. On discharge Mr F was unable to walk without assistance and was suffering memory disturbance. Furthermore in October 2008 he reported sudden painless loss of vision in the right eye. The cause was of the same was suspected to be Tersons Syndrome, a condition associated with SAH.

Fortunately Mr F has made a good recovery overall. However he continues to suffer from impaired memory, personality change, temporal lobe epilepsy and Terson’s syndrome causing right visual loss.

The claim proceeded against East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust in November 2009. The Defendant’s legal representatives initially denied liability. However after much correspondence and the issuing of court proceedings the Defendant did eventually admit liability. Subsequently, settlement negotiations were successfully concluded in the sum of £345, 000.

Steve Evans, who had final conduct of the claim commented:

“Although it was a long hard road we managed to avoid a trial and pushed the Defendant into making a sensible offer which resulted in a good settlement for my client and his family. Mr F is delighted with the outcome and hopes nobody else suffers in the same way in the future”.