£30,000 recovered for the family of a deceased child

We have recently settled a case on behalf of a parent from Dover following the sad death of her son (C), aged just 13.

C had developed an osteosarcoma (cancer of the bone and soft tissue) and saw his GP complaining of pain in his knee. Despite being sent for an x-ray, which raised the possibility of an osteosarcoma, the GP failed to notify the parents of the diagnosis, and failed to refer C for a full assessment / diagnosis.

As a result of the GP’s failings, it took a further 40 days for C to be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon, at which point the diagnosis was made but by which time the condition had progressed too far to save his leg.

C therefore not only suffered unnecessary pain during that 40 day period prior to diagnosis, he was also caused to require an above-knee amputation (which would otherwise have been avoided).

However, despite that radical surgery, and the subsequent chemotherapy, C could not be cured and he died a year later. However, expert evidence confirmed C would not have survived, or lived any longer, even had the GP not been negligent.

The GP’s insurance company formally admitted liability and agreed to settle the case for £30,000.

Alex Tengroth, who had conduct of the case throughout, commented:-

“This was a tragic case, but one where the sad death of my client’s son could not have been avoided. I very much hope that the answers obtained through the investigation of this case have been of some comfort to the family”.