£30,000 for Respiratory Harm caused by GP Negligently Misprescribing Specialist Heart Drug Amiodarone


1st March 2020 – Our client Mr D of Rainham suffered with severe respiratory problems having taken the drug Amiodarone for 8 months following a Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass (MIDCAB) procedure at Spire St Anthony’s, Sutton.
Amiodarone is a specialist medication used to treat heart rate problems, ventricular fibrillation and tachycardia but it is known to cause complications after prolonged use including pneumonitis.

Mr D struggled on a daily basis with breathlessness.

We investigated the medical history and instructed appropriate medical experts to provide opinions.

These investigations revealed that, following Mr D’s cardiac surgery, the GP at Malling Health GP Surgery (Dr Nanra) was expressly instructed to provide Amiodarone for up to six weeks only. Unfortunately, he issued a repeat prescription and there were no proper procedures in place to review and stop the medication. Instead Mr D took Amiodarone for 8 consecutive months.

A Letter of Claim was sent to the surgery and the Medical Defence Union was instructed to represent Dr Nanra.

The MDU failed to respond to the allegations but instead commenced settlement negotiations initially making a low offer to settle in the sum of £5,000 in October 2019 and then a more realistic a second offer in the sum of £30,000 which was accepted by Mr D in full and final settlement of his claim.

Steve Evans the Solicitor with conduct of this case commented as follows:-
“Unfortunately an event such as this is quite common in clinical negligence cases because it is very difficult to safe guard against human error.
Mr D was very unlucky but also fortunate to make a reasonable recovery from his injuries over a period of months to the extent that he has resumed his normal day-to-day activities.
I am pleased that this compensation will improve his quality of life and bolster his retirement funds.”

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