£20,000 for drugs error causing seizures during pregnancy

Our client, Miss K, a 34 year old woman from Faversham, Kent, suffered multiple seizures following the issuing of an incorrect prescription by her GP, whilst she was pregnant.

Miss K had epilepsy but had remained seizure free since December 2009. In order to stay seizure free Miss K relied on anti-epileptic medication which was issued on a repeat prescription by her GP. This repeat prescription was due in June 2012, when Miss K was 28 weeks pregnant; however an incorrect prescription was issued. Our client accepted and took the prescription unaware that the tablets were any different.

After 3 weeks of taking these tablets our client suffered multiple seizures at her home. She was taken via ambulance to the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford where she suffered several more seizures; she was admitted for treatment and monitoring.

Our client suffered a bitten lip, significant damage to her teeth and bruising to her face.

The multiple seizures had a marked affect on our client’s neurological condition including prevention from driving for a period of 12 months.  Although foetal monitoring had been normal during her admission she was understandably greatly concerned about her unborn child (Miss K gave birth to a health baby girl in October 2012).

A claim was made against the GP for the mis-prescription, as this error fell below the standard of care expected. Strong, unchallenged expert evidence was obtained from our neurology expert. Settlement negotiations were conducted, and agreement to settle was made at £20,000.

Steve Evans, who had conduct of the claim, commented:

Although liability was always denied in this case, it was never one which the surgery could realistically defend and I am pleased that common sense prevailed enabling Miss K to receive the compensation due to her without the need for Court proceedings.