£19,000 for negligently performed cataract surgery

3rd March 2021 – Our Client, Mrs H, an 86 year old woman from Margate, Kent came to see us following a complication she experienced during right sided cataracts surgery that took place in July 2018 at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital under local anaesthetic.
Mrs H experienced a pain during the procedure that she likened to being “hit in the head with a hammer”. She was later told that the cannula used during the procedure came off the syringe it was affixed to and fell into her eye resulting in the dislocation of her intraocular lens implant and causing a posterior capsule rupture.

Mrs H temporarily lost all the vision in her right eye and required a right vitrectomy and lens replacement which took place 12 days later. Her vision began to improve 2 days after the surgery and has continued to do so. She is aware, however, that she will never recover to the visual acuity of 6/6 that she should have had had her cataract surgery been carried out without incident.

Mrs H was the main carer for her husband who suffers with Dementia and as a result of her initial sight loss had to put him in respite care whilst she recovered. Mrs H also suffered with anxiousness and a loss of confidence following the surgery.

After examining the medical records and obtaining expert evidence it was established that the metal cannula used during the procedure was insufficiently and negligently affixed to the syringe by the operating surgeons resulting in the cannula being forced off the syringe at high pressure into our client’s eye.

A Letter of Claim was sent to East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and a settlement offer followed shortly after. The Defendant’s representatives indicated they would be willing to settle, negotiations ensued and a settlement of £19,000 was agreed.

Francesca Beach, the Solicitor with conduct of this matter, commented: “It is pleasing that East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust accepted that a mistake had been made and engaged in early, sensible negotiations resulting in a fair settlement for my client. This case shows just how important all the simple checks are that must be done in order to ensure patient safety and how dangerous they can be when forgotten. I am just thankful that in my client’s case her vision was able to be restored albeit not back to where it should have been.’’

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