£16,250 in damages for missed and untreated labial tear

Our Client, a 24 year old woman at the time of the negligence, gave birth to her first child at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Farnborough, Bromley in March 2012.

She suffered a tear to her labia but this was misdiagnosed as a “small graze” and therefore was not sutured.

The diagnosis of labial tear was made by the Out of Hours GP service and antibiotics were prescribed / administered. No surgical treatment was offered.

Two years post delivery our Client was referred to a Gynaecologist for review of the tear who made a plastic surgery referral for excision and restructuring of the left labia.

As this procedure is considered to be cosmetic by the NHS funding was not approved.

Our Client suffers ongoing issues and has developed psychiatric injury.

The Defendant Trust did not admit liability in this case and as such Court Proceedings were issued in August 2015.

Negotiations then took place and the claim was settled for £16,250.

Kate Virica who had conduct of the case commented:

‘I am pleased that we have reached a settlement in this case. Our Client had a good claim supported by numerous experts and persevered in the face of a denial of liability.’