£15,000 damages recovered for a fall whilst admitted to hospital.

Our client Mr B, 73 years old, from Purley, Surrey sustained minor cuts and bruises as well as anxiety and depression as a result of falling whilst admitted to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol on 20.03.11.

The claim was brought against North Bristol NHS Trust on the basis that they failed to adequately supervise the Claimant or risk assess the possibility of him falling.

The client had been admitted to hospital with an abscess on his brain and was confused and unbalanced.

He was left by his bedside without any nursing assistance and fell. He sustained lacerations to his forehead, eyebrow and nose. He had anxiety and depression secondary to this.

The Defendant Trust initially denied liability on the basis that the Claimant was alert and responsible for his own actions and should have asked for assistance. Due to their continued denial, proceedings were issued and the Claimant relied upon the entries in his medical records to support the fact that he was confused, disorientated and required assistance to mobilise.

The Defendant eventually conceded this point and put forward an offer of £3,500 which was formally rejected.

Following the service of proceedings, the Claimant sought to negotiate a settlement which was achieved in the sum of £15,000 in full and final settlement.

Mr B said:

I would like to thank everyone at Fairweathers for their great service and recommend in particular Kate Virica who was the solicitor handling my claim and her secretary Kelly. Many thanks”.