£14,000 for failing to prevent fall in Hospital

2nd April 2020 – Our client, Mr K brought a clinical negligence claim on behalf of his late mother, Mrs K, (aged 91), as a result of care she received whilst she was an inpatient at Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM), Margate in October 2018.
Despite the Hospital categorising Mrs K as having an extremely high risk of falls due to her dementia, predilection for wandering and the stresses of a sudden change in environment they failed to put in place the steps that they themselves identified should be taken.

Specifically they failed to ensure that the cot sides of Mrs K’s bed were left down which meant that when Mrs K attempted to climb out of bed and over the rails she fell onto the floor suffering a painful and debilitating right pelvic fracture requiring surgery.

Following the surgery she never regained consciousness, she developed extensive bilateral pulmonary embolisms and bilateral pneumonia which sadly led to her death 6 days after the fall.

A Letter of Claim was sent to the Defendant, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, alleging negligence and a Letter of Response was received which admitted that the Trust’s negligence led to the fall and materially contributed to Mrs K’s death.

Fairweather Solicitors LLP entered into negotiations with the Defendant and the case was settled at £14,000.

Francesca Beach, Clinical Negligence Solicitor who had conduct of claim said as follows:
“This was an extremely sad case, not only did Mrs K die before her time but she was also robbed of the chance to say goodbye to her loved ones.
I am very pleased that the Defendant Trust realised their wrongdoing and did not make the case any harder for the family following the death of a dearly loved mother and grandmother.”

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