£110,000 Damages Recovered for GP Prescription Error Resulting in Failed Liver Transplant


6th February’20 – Our Client Mrs E from Gravesend came to us after her liver transplant failed due to a prescription error.
She had a liver transplant in December 2015 and was discharged with a prescription for Prograf an anti – rejection medication.

Unfortunately her GP incorrectly prescribed 0.5mg instead of 5mg of the drug and repeated the same error at a later stage. In addition, one of the treating hospital doctors at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust failed to heed warning signs connected to the prescription error during an outpatient follow-up appointment.

Unfortunately, as a result, the liver transplant was rejected and Mrs E was put on the waiting list for a re-do transplant which eventually took place several months later.

Her health deteriorated in consequence and the liver re-transplant left her with life changing injuries.

After fully investigating this case, a claim was made against both King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the GP surgery. The Hospital Trust sensibly admitted the claim in full and the solicitor instructed on their behalf was prepared to engage in early settlement negotiations. We understand that King’s sought an indemnity contribution from the GP’s Medical Defence Union.

The parties agreed settlement in the sum of £110,000 without the need for protracted litigation.

Steve Evans the solicitor with conduct in this matter commented:
“Mrs E was badly let own by the medical profession, particularly her local GP at the Forge Surgery Northfleet. Indeed the GP responsible, Dr Puvi, sent an apology letter. I am delighted that as a result of cooperation between the parties Mrs E no longer has the distraction of the claim process and she is able to concentrate on family life.”

Mrs E commented:
“Just to say a big thank you for all the work you did on my claim.”

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