£100,000 compensation for negligent hip replacement operation

Mrs S was treated privately at the Whipps Cross University Hospital on 05.09.09 for a total hip replacement. The operation was carried out negligently due to one of the screws missing the femoral head and therefore only 1 screw was in situ.

Following the surgery, the Claimant suffered with a burning and dragging sensation in the buttock and a tethering of the skin along the scar line.

Consequently, she had to undergo extensive reconstruction surgery by a plastic surgeon. Whilst there was an improvement, the scarring remained and the Claimant was still troubled with daily ongoing symptoms of restriction of movement of the hip and associated anxiety and distress arising from the surgery.

The Defendant Trust denied causation throughout the claim. Although they admitted that the total hip replacement operation was substandard, they suggested that it had not caused her injuries.

The case settled shortly before the Trial date after long negotiations with the other side.

Kate Virica who had conduct of the claim said:-

“I am very pleased with the outcome from the client’s perspective. Mrs S deserved justice in this case which she received. It is just a shame that the other side chose to fight the claim and failed to negotiate reasonably to bring the matter to a swift and successful conclusion earlier on”.